Podiatry for Children’s feet

Children’s Feet and Podiatry

Children’s feet differ from those of adults as they are not yet fully formed. At six months of age the foot is still mostly cartilage, in fact the last bone does not begin to form until about 3 years of age. By 18 years of age most of the bones are fully formed. Children’s feet are soft and pliable making them prone to damage from abnormal pressure, such as shoes which are too small. Many childhood problems are also hereditary in nature.

Children’s feet undergo an incredible rate of growth in the early years. Most kids are born with flat feet, with their arches gradually forming over the first five years. If children start to develop excessive pronation ( feet rolling in) while learning to walk, it’s important to have them assessed by a Podiatrist specialising in the care and wellbeing of the young foot.

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Service your feet as you do your car, they do more miles in your lifetime.  You can’t get a replacement pair if things go wrong!

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