Dr Comfort Shoes and Telic Sandals

Dr Comfort Shoes

Dr Comfort Footwear is for individuals with foot complications, diabetic people and those with wide hard to fit feet.

They offer relief for the feet from stresses of everyday life as well as the comfort of an everyday shoe.

The core principles of the Dr Comfort footwear range are:

  • Total satisfaction in look, feel and fit.
  • Every style offers extra depth in the toe box and is available in 3 width fittings.
  • Easy to put on, many with Velcro fastening.
  • Use of top-quality natural materials in all footwear, most of the uppers are made of the finest top quality leathers.
  • Belief that proper shoe fitting can alleviate foot complications.
  • Have a positive impact on the daily lives of our customers and their wellbeing.

Telic Sandals

100% American made Telic Footwear launched on the 4th July 2012.

The company’s mission is to create affordable luxury comfort for the active lifestyle consumer who seek to recover from their daily activities. Many of Telic’s features have been adopted from premium comfort and performance footwear. In fact the name itself (Telic) stems from Greek origin that means “purposeful”. Accompanied with every Telic shoe is a matching “Find Your Purpose” wrist band, which serves as an everyday reminder to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. Telic crafts its footwear from Novalon, a proprietary body. Heat activated, water proof, feather light material. Its pillow soft supportive foot bed is designed with a slight heel rocker to off-load pressure and accentuate foot strike management. The elasticity of Novalon provides for secure, snug fit for large variety of foot shapes.

Telic has designed a beautifully contoured foot-bed and paired it with ultra-soft shock absorbing material that can immediately relieve common foot pain and stress from everyday activities.

Novalon is latex free, allergen and toxin free. Laboratory testing has declared Telic “slip resistant” on dry and wet surfaces.

Telic Pressure Map

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