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If you’re searching for professional one on one podiatry care, look no further!

At North Adelaide Podiatry Clinic we pride ourselves in the best personalised one on one podiatry care where we treat you like a person, as we source to correct the real cause of your foot problem.

We provide treatment for a wide range of foot and ankle problems, from heel pain (plantar fasciitis & Sever’s disease), ingrown toenails, bunions, walking problems, growing pains, footwear fitting & prescription as well as knee, hip & Achilles problems. Our Podiatrist is a skilled clinician – with many medical specialists, GP’s and other health professionals relying on North Adelaide Podiatry Clinic to look after their patients.

From problem feet in children through to work-related feet and ankle injuries, sports injury, expert fitting of orthotic devices, to arthritis and diabetes assessments & care. You can rely on North Adelaide Podiatry Clinic!

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Service your feet as you do your car, they do more miles in your lifetime.  You can’t get a replacement pair if things go wrong!

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